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Who are 8-bee agency &b training hub?

We specialize in any type of IOT service, digital service. And we operate a training center, where training is done by industrial experts all the time. At the end of the training, there is a possibility of creating a job position.

8-Bee Traning Hub

Our training hub is equipped with all types of courses of the present time. We are committed to provide training by industrial trainers. We are very careful, creative in our training. Check it out

8-Bee Digital Service

We provide various types of IOT services, digital services. Such as: ISP Radius service, media content web app & mobile app, shop management mobile & web app, inventory management, SMS & payment API, face recognition attendant system, smart home service, and many more.


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Traning Hub

Our training hub is equipped with all types of courses of the present time. We are committed to provide training by industrial trainers. We are very careful, creative in our training.

Web Services

• Responsive Web App Design.
• Shop Managment Web App.
• Isp Billing And Radius Server (Pppoe & Hotspot).
• Inventory Managment.
• Media Content Ftp Server Web App. 
• Any Type Of Custom Web Application.

Mobile Application

• E-Comerce Mobile application.
• Media Content Mobile application.
• Client Protal Mobile application.
• ISP Billing Mobile application.
• B2C,B2B Mobile application. 
• Any Type Of Custom Mobile Application.

IOT Service

• Face recognization attendant system.
• Child track GPS Security services.
• Any kind of productivity robots and automation.
• Smart Home, Motion Detector, and more.
• Any Type Of Custom AI, IOT Devices From Scratch.

ISP Service

• Router (Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper, etc) configure.
• Network Diagram managment.
• ISP licenese managment Consulting.
• Radius (PPPOE, Hotspot) server services.
• Network Security and service managment. 
• Any Type Of ISP services managment.

Graphics Design

• Company Identity Design.
• Business card design.
• Protfolio Design.
• Any Type Of Custom graphical From Scratch.

Degital Marketing

• Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Marketing.
• Content, Artical Written.


We've various services. as per our conversation we are trying to provide a good service and full fill your needs. we are able to complete any low (Office Network) to high (PLC industrial maintenance) services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This organization is a joint organization of 8 people. Everyone is very dedicated and hardworking, just like 8 honeybees.

  • Creating working conditions for the present generation and creating skilled people is the main goal. We have advanced training hub, pleasant work environment.

  • In fact, this will depend on you. Nowadays if you can't be an expert then your chances of getting a job are very less. We will show you the way, it is your responsibility to walk. If you are hard working and dedicated, the answer will be "yes you can get the job."

  • All our trainers are industry experts. Everyone works as a high ranking officer in some company. So if you train with them, you will learn and have job opportunities at the end of the training according to the skills at the end of the job.

  • Of course, we have an agency next to our training hub. Through which you will get any kind of digital service. Also for those who do ISP business there are Radius server, media content server, billing system and many more facilities.


Our team is always here to help

Mohammad Julkar Nayem

Director(Head of Management)

Ankur Chandra Dey


Tajul Islam Rayhan

Director (Support & Marketing)

MD Shahab Uddin Tarek

Director(Training & Counseling)

Yousuf Khan Piyash

Director(Information Technology)

Asif Uddin

Director (Sales & Marketing)

Mahmudul Hasan Sufol

Director (Office Mentor & Administrator)


Director ( system & Operation )

Media Partner

We are working with them

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